Writing a PAL analogue Teletext subtitle ripper for DVR-MS files


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I 'm almost ready for a beta release.
What it does is rip the subtitles from a dump file, and convert it to an SRT file.
You can then easily view the program on another computer.

You see, except for MCE itself, MS does not support playing TT subtitles in Media Player or any other utility.
So if you want to watch your TV shows with TT subtitles on a different PC, you cannot do it, unless it has Media Center too.

By converting the data to SRT this is no longer a problem.
Of course, there are some limitations :

1) SRT does not support colour codes. So I cannot preserve the colours which are used in Teletext.
2) Codepages will not work, so ë, è, á, etc. will not show the correct characters.
I have tested with British and Dutch/Flemish shows and most characters showed up correctly, except for accented characters.
I might support them if I could better understand the coding MS uses for the TT stream, as I see "mais" in the binary stream, but on screen this is shown as "maïs" in MCE.
3) Screen positions are not preserved either.
So subtitles might be on a location where they cover other important texts
3) Bugs of course
4) It 's very slow currently, but I 'm sure there 's much room for optimisation ;)
5) You have to take a couple of actions yourself.

Finally, an example image of the result :

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