Write Error: Device is Full in BitOutStream


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The title says it all. In editing a movie, I'm receiving that message as it nears completion. There's nothing in the manual I can find that addresses this issue.

For the record, I had no difficulty editing the same file the day before. However, now when I try to continue the project (using the same source file as the day before), I get the above noted error message.

So, what's the answer to this question? Is there an answer? Up 'til now, Video ReDo v.3 has been flawless.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Confirm the destination you are saving the file to.

The Device is full message occurs under 3 circumstances:
1) You have a FAT file system and are trying to output a file larger than 2GB/4GB.
2) The disk is actually full.
3) The disk / device is a read-only device, such as a DVD or CD.
Could it be one of these?


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Thank you for your reply, phd.

The problem is now but a memory. Fortunately, a simple uninstall and re-install solved the dilemma.

Thanks again.
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