Windows 2000 install failure and fix


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Earlier today I tried to install VRD TV Suite, Windows 2000 SP4 -- the installation failed with an "Unable to register DLL/OCX" error message.

So I checked in here, and someone had already posted with the same problem -- unfortunately that post seems to have vanished.

What fixed it for me was copying gdiplus.dll to the system directory. If you have the dotnet framework installed, its directory contains the gdiplus.dll, just copy that to the winnt/system directory and the installer works fine.

I actually already had two versions on the machine (in the dotnet framework 1 and 2 directories), but apparently the installer wants to see it in the system directory. Hope this helps someone else ;)

edit: oops, didn't realize the forum defaults to showing only a day's posts after a new registration -- the original thread is still here, on the next page.
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Actually you can copy it into the videoredo installation folder instead.
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