Why (still) No Support For Multi Angles?


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I'm generally pretty darned happy with VRD+.

However, somewhere between 10% and 20% of the DVDs I wish to rip are recorded with multiple angles, and the version of VRD+ I have fails consistently with these. I've downloaded a freeware solution that also works fine (VOB2MPG) and suffers no problem with multiple angles.

But why has this problem not been fixed after so long? Is there a more recent version I'm missing? Have you simply stopped supporting the product? Or, is VRD+ NOT intended to be used as a ripper?

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I think it's been described as an editing tool for OTA, satellite, and other broadcasts.
Don't recall it ever being characterized as a ripper.

Do you actually want to EDIT your multi-angle DVDs, or to use VRD to re-encode them to another format, or . . . ?


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As Anole mentioned, VideoReDo was never intended to be a DVD ripper. It does not decrypt commercial DVDs nor extract angles from a DVD. There are other 3rd party tools for that purpose.

It was designed as an editor for home-recorded TVshows.

A feature was added many years ago to allow it to also edit shows recorded on home DVD recorders which did not record multiple angles. Many people have adapted it's use for commercial DVDs but that is NOT the original intent.

Hope this help clarify.


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Solution to Multi Angle problem

Use MakeMKV to convert the DVD to an MKV file then edit that. The conversion strips out the multi angle stuff (leaving only one angle).
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