Why PMT Changes?


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Found the bug. It was a small error in the ts muxer that would disable the Use PIDs from source file option when there were multiple audio streams.
Unfortunately, the bug is still there. In Screenshoot_00_org you see the original .ts stream.
In Screenshoot_01_Videoredo you see the .ts after editing with VideoReDo.
It is missing after editing the "descriptor = 52 - Stream Identifier" at audio and video.
Please you can check that again?



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That's not what I fixed. I fixed the issue where the PID for your teletext stream was being changed. I thought that is what you were referring to. That descriptor thing is optional and our muxer doesn't use it. The files are always remuxed. The only option we have is to keep the PIDs the same, and that was broken in the previous version.


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Interesting. We are reading and storing the "stream identifier" when we open a file, but don't use it much internally. I guess we could add it to the output PMT.

1) Can you upload a short source sample (you can use our Tools>Trim to create the sample from a larger source)?

2) What analyzer are you using?
Sounds good. That would be nice to have it in VideoReDo.

1) If there is no problem. Where should I upload?

2.) I use TransEdit as Analyser. TransEdit part of the DVBViewer package.

The Dreambox *.eit needed "Descrypter = xx Stream Identifier" to the audio tracks display correctly.


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Uploading a sample saves us the time and effort of finding samples from our library that have existing stream identifiers. If you prefer not to upload then we can add this item as something to do in a future version.
Upload is finished. The file is called "20150722 2147 - Universal HD - Chicago Fire_S03EP17.ts". Should I write to the support?
Would be nice to integrate the feature in VideoReDo.

many Thanks
I have the support written but received no reply or id.

The subject of my email was "Uoload 35411" on 07-23-2015.

Can take over the original multiplexer * .ts PIDs? So you can see on the screenshots.
There is no "nu" descriptor = 0x52 - Stream Identifier.