When will TVSuite support HD-DVD and BDMV?


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Both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray (BDMV) standards support high-definition playback from standard DVD media.

Today, the most popular application for saving high-definition content to DVD is probably Ulead DVD MovieFactory6 Plus. This application is able to save MPG files created and edited with VideoRedo to DVD -- without re-encoding -- for playback in full high-definition on all HD-DVD players. A $20 add-on was recently released to enable the same thing for Blu-ray.

When will VideoRedo TVSuite get this capability? I would very much like to have a single application to edit and create my HD-DVDs with pristine high-definition content from OTA and cable (i.e. no re-encoding). The disk structures for DVD and HD-DVD are very similar, so presumably the work required to add this feature would be minimal.
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