What is MPEG2-PS & what can I do with it

I transfered a small file from my media player to a usb drive & opened it without a hitch. I ededed it in VRD & asked to save it as elementary streams because I wanted a little bit of the audio. I can't open the audio file. Mediainfo tool tells me that its mpeg-ps codec. What's that? How do I convert it avi mp3 etc. I have never hear of Australia broadcasting anything other then MPEG2.


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Sounds like you are attempting to open the video file.

Try the other output file which would contain the audio


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It can be a bit confusing with the audio naming. The video file should have the extension .m2v, but the audio can be either .mp2, .ac3 or .wav depending on the format of the audio in the original video. .mp2 is MPEG-1 Layer 2 format, alsp known as MP2 format. (a format that is similar to, but older then, MP3) .ac3 is a Dolby Digital audio file. Only some programs will be able to open these and you may need special codecs even if the program supports it. And .wav is just a normal uncompressed wav file and should open in almost anything.

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