What does QuickStreamFix exactly do?

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I've been a longtime user of VideoRedo Plus, I find it to be a great and handy app for handling/directly editing/cleaning up MPEG-2 video files, especially in conjunction with DVD authoring SW like DVD Styler or Nero Video.

I had just one curious question though--what exactly does the QuickStream Fix feature in the software do to the stream/packet structure of an MPEG-2 file? I'm assuming it resets & synchronizes all the PTS timestamps used for the MPEG-2 file's audio/video/subtitle streams?

I've noticed that using it does have its benefits for an MPEG-2 file: it'll make the file more "seekable" when playing it back in software like VLC or Windows Media Player (files without it will freeze up or hang up the player if the player is advanced to another playback spot in the pre-QSFed file; after being QSFed, they are freely seekable and cue-able to any random point in the MPEG-2 file). Also, I've noticed that the file's size after QSF'ing it is also a bit smaller (usually a decrease of about +-200 megabytes for a 4 GB MPEG-2 file), and the file still plays back properly. So, if I might ask, what is the actual mechanism of function that QuickStream Fixing provides (I'm guessing it's timestamp-related)?

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It mainly fixes missing and out of order timestamps. It will also clear out any possible useless "debris" in the the file.

In terms orf reducing the file size I actual get my Tivo files a little bit larger after QSF. Some of them are smaller since I also use the filters option which removes the oddbal resolution segments of the video.
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