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Hi and welcome to the VideoReDo forum.

Here are some links of general interest. Please feel free to post in this section (or any other) about any questions you may have related directly to VideoReDo or about Video in general.

VideoReDo Main Page:

Where are the Betas?

The forum is great but how do I contact support directly?
email us: Support@VideoReDo.com
or: http://www.videoredo.com/Contact.htm

Where can I upload a file to support?
We can handle larger file sizes but please let us know in advance if the file is larger than 50MB. Write to us at: Support@VideoReDo.com

Additional information:
You should review our FAQ pages: http://www.videoredo.com/FAQs/SupportFAQ.htm
How to Guides: http://www.videoredo.com/HowTos/HowToContents.htm
Our WIKI: http://videoredo.seedwiki.com/
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Just ask your questions and we'll try to help you.
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