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Weird behavior with VOBs in 445

I have 3 VOB files with sequential names (VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB). They are 1GB, 1GB, and 373MB, and total running time is 45:41. If I open each file individually, I get running times of 16:49, 24:14:47, and 07:14. Yes, that second file gets read as 24 hours long.

With either auto-concatenate or using a hand-edited VLST file, the running time listed is 17:59, and literally random parts of the video just get skipped over when using any navigation, and if you just "Play" from the start, the video goes into fast forward at random times, and sometimes the FF speed is 60x or more.

The first time this happens is at 01:17, which is also where the second chapter started on the original disc. As far as I know, though, a VOB file doesn't have chapter info, so I don't know why it happened then.

All this is solved by a QSF of the VLST file. The resultant .MPG file seems to be fine in every way, and no errors are generated by the QSF.

Concatenations of other file types (.TS, .MPG, etc.) seem to have no issues.
If you go back to a previous version (or beta) is the problem the same, or is this behaviour new to build 445?

Does this happen with all VOB sets you've tried, or just this one particular one?

Maybe these particular VOBs have some of the strange stuff in them designed to make copying harder?

At the very least, given that the length calculations are off by so much, I'd guess that they have timestamp discontinuities in them (which QSF will fix as you found).

At least a QSF results in the desired outcome. :)


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This is exactly the issue QuickStream Fix is designed to fix.

From the Help file:
The key purpose of QuickStream Fix is to re-align the time stamps in the output file. Sometimes, video captured from DVB Satellite or sourced from DVD VOB or VRO files may have internal time stamps that are not sequential. When you normally open a file in VideoReDo it will search for these non-sequential time stamps and handle them gracefully. Occasionally it is unable to do so effectively and the QuickStream Fix function will prove useful