VRD Pro License issues


Hi guys, i have given my Dell 2330 AIO Desktop to a friend for his editing work as his previous editing pc caught fire, and before sending it to him, i did a fresh install of Win 10, and activated his license for the normal VRD.

I am now using my 17" Dell 1735 laptop as my main desktop now, and i installed my VRD Pro, got it activated online, BUT every time i open VRD it tells me the license has expired, and have to re-activate it, but when i do get it re-activated (it tells me it is) it still de-activates.

This has always been an issue with VRD licensing, especially if trying to activate the license key when it is installed on a second machine, but this time my VRD is only installed on the Dell laptop so the license key should be staying activated.

Also, my son is sending me his Dell Precision M4700 laptop in the next few weeks, which i will be using primarily for my VRD editing, so i will be needing my Pro license activated on that as well, and don't want to have to worry about the license de-activating on that as well.

What is the best/easiest way to have the Pro license activated on both laptops without having these issues.



What is the Email address i need to use to get help with this rediculous License issue i have, i need it fixed ASAP.



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HI Glen, License support is always handled via email to support, not on our public forums. I'll respond to you via email.
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