VRD Pro 6 outputs MKV's audio bitstreams to 5.0 channels (not 5.1 or more)


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I’ve been a user of VRD v5 for 5 years and I’ve been able to make MKV clips from VRD out of the original MKVs with DTS and Dolby Digital bitstreams of 5.1 or more . In the copies rendered by VRD, the audio channels are in the same bitstreams and in the same number of channels—whether in 5.1 or 7.1--as the first-generation MKVs. However, in mid-January of this year, I had VRD make a MKV clip from a MKV with DTS 6.1 channel in the same manner. I loaded this clip in MKVToolnix and the information read that it was in 5.0, not 7 channels. I got into specifics in this thread.

I have an issue where VideoReDo is rendering DTS-HD MA and Dolby Digital audio bitstreams of 5.1 or more channels from MKV videos to 5 channels.

Since 2014, I’ve been using VideoReDo v5 to make trims of MKVs containing Dolby Digital and DTS-HD MA bitstreams with 5.1 audio channels or more and in my final edits rendered by VRD, the edited bitstreams contains the same number of channels as the originals.

However, last Saturday, January 18, was different. I’ve made some MKV clips from a video with 5.1 channel DTS HD MA and Dolby Digital bitstreams. When I load the clips into MKVToolNix, the software indicates that the bitstreams of each clip is 5 channels, not 6 channels—the ‘.1’ is considered one channel, although the software still identifies the bitsteams as DTS HD MA and Dolby Digital.MKV Tool Nix Pictures.png

Also, In MediaInfo where I compared the bitstream’s specs between the original MKV video file and the small clip from that video rendered by VideoReDo, this is what I found.
MA-ES Descrete-Core Picture.png
The last time I’ve used VRD was January 1 and on that day, the 5-channel-bitstream problem didn’t occur. I suspect that there was something in the software programing that caused this incident to occur at the start of 2020.

I brought this problem to VRD support on Sunday. The next day, Monday, support responded by giving me a trial version of VRD 6 and asked if this solves the problem. I installed VRD 6 in my computer and made a clip of the same video with the DTS and Dolby Digital bistreams in 5.1 channels. I loaded the clip into MKVToolNix and MediaInfo, and the same problem exists—the information indicates that the bitstreams are in 5 channels. I’ve reported my findings to support on that same Monday afternoon. No response from support. Wednesday, I’ve sent support a follow-up email to inquire if they made any progress on my problem. No response.
As one can see in the number of replies in that thread, the developers have not responded to my problem.

Nonetheless, I downloaded a trial version of the higher-end, VRD PRO 6, hoping that this problem would not come-up in that one. It did.

Now, I’ve not used this VRD PRO before January 2020 so I don’t know if the clips rendered by VRD PRO have ever retained the number of audio channels of 5.1 or more from the first-generation MKV file. Only the users, here, would know. So, if you, the actual users, have noticed this audio-channel reduction in your VRD PRO rendered copies, you have to let the developers know or they won’t fix it. Apparently, my one report of this issue on the regular VRD v5 and v6 units is not enough to get, even, a response.
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