VRD crashes upon opening file


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I have a Hauppauge HVR 1600. Yesterday, I updated the drivers for this card to enable QAM tuning. Live HD programming plays well on three of four HD channels. The HVR can record the programming to the HD in mpeg format. I tried saving a 10 minute segment and replayed with PowerDVD. Video playback was jerky but sound was fine. I then attempted to load the mpeg file into VRD and fix with QSF. Upon loading into VRD, the sound goes into a loop (like a stuck needle on an phonograph), no video, and I receive the following message:

"videoredo.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience."

Any thoughts on how to proceed from here?

VRD: current
Systems specs: P4 2.4 GHz, XP pro SP2, 768 MB RDRAM, VC = ATI 9800 pro


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What version of VideoReDo are you using? Help>About

Try using Tools>Trim and Copy to create a new clip that starts about 5MB from the beginning of the file.


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I am using version The check for VRD update says my version is current. Trimming the first 5 MB enabled the file to load. VRD can now play the original file correctly. I ran QSF and it still plays correctly in VRD (of course it would!). However, both the trimmed file and the trimmed + QSF file stutter in PowerDVD. We're most of the way home... Any other thoughts/suggestions, Pat? Thanks for your assistance!


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It might also work if you enable filters in QSF. The Hauppauge application often leaves a few frames of SD (720x480) video on the front of HD programs.

RE: stutter. Try playing the file in WinTV2000. Check your CPU usage. HD playback can be very difficult. The WinTV uses the Mainconcept/Elecard decoder which is fairly efficient and can use hardware decoding present on your video card. PowerDVD might be using a lesser decoder. Standard DVD mpegs require only a fraction of the performance needed for 1080i.


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Hello Zaphod,

You nailed it again! :) The HD mpeg plays correctly in WMP and Divx player but stutters in PowerDVD. I opened Windows Task Manager and watched cpu usage. With PowerDVD, cpu usage pegged out at 100 and bounced between 90 and 100. Conversely, the other players typically had 40 to 60% cpu usage, with an occasional spike to high 90's. With my current system, it appears that I will need to watch live HD tv or record, trim off front end, and play in WMP or Divx player, and no multitasking... :)

I couldn't find where to load files into WinTV2000 or the newer WinTV version (released this week with QAM tuning). Can you tell me how to play a saved file within WinTV?

All the best!

Media Player Clasic should work also. You might have to set it to use an external filter (the Mainconcept/Elecard hcwSMD07 installed with the HVR1600). It's called "HCW MPEG-2 video Decoder"

I have not installed the latest version of WinTV so I can't tell you how to play a file. In the past, after you select "Record" the drop down panel gives you the file browse option. You could try to "drag and drop" a file onto the window too.

My card was a Beta Test version so I don't think it's a supported model.
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