VRD with Nero 6.6


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Anole, thanks for the suggestion, but I have no problem transferring video from the camera to the computer. The camera takes a standard SD card and I just pop it into an SD card reader and do a simple file copy from the card to the hard drive. The issues are editing the video and burning a DVD after editing. I've tried a ton of editing software -- VRD is by far the best. But it can't read AVI/MPEG-4. So until the VRD folks fix that shortcoming in their product, I'll convert the camera's video from MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 (which NVE3 does fine) so I can use VRD to edit it (and I'm happy with Nero for burning). I can't see what value WinAVI adds to the mix at this point. Regards, Joe
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