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Until VRD comes out with their implementation of audio level adjustment, I just wanted to pass along the method I've been using to even out the differences in audio level between content acquired from my Windows MCE 2005 machine & that from my "normal" capture system (Sage & 2 Hauppauge PVR150's ).

The MCE machine audio levels are horribly low. If I made a DVD mixing content from both the MCE machine & the Sage machine, adjusting volume for the MCE content when playing would result in a major assault on your eardrums when the Sage content came on.

When I finish editing the MCE file in VRD, I save the product as .mpv/.mpa files. I then use the freebie BeSweet GUI interface (v0.6 b61 by DD & Dg - 25.10.2002 ... download file name was BeSweetGUI0.6b61.zip also needed is the BeSweet executable, I downloaded BeSweetv1.4.zip). I specify using the BeSweet.exe with the .mpa as input and a .mp2 output file. I check the box for "auto gain" in the "Overall Track Adjustments" section before clicking on the "MPA to MP2" button. For me, the .mp2 file is always smaller than the original ... as the default output bitrate is 128k & my input file was encoded at 384k. I really haven't noticed a quality difference.

Once the .mp2 file is complete, I use the ImagoMPEG-Muxer application (also a freebie - downloaded filename was ImagoMPEG-Muxer.zip) to mux the .mp2 & .mpv files ... you can save the product as an .mpg file, but if I am going to use DVDStyler for DVD video, I will output as a VOB file.

This process has worked OK for me so far, is reasonably fast ... and didn't cost anything to set up. To recap,

1 - save edits to elemental streams
2 - besweet .mpa to .mp2 with auto gain
3 - mux .mpv & .mp2 to VOB

This sequence was also useful in boosting volume levels on an in-house recording I used as part of some (in-house) DVD based training materials. Hopefully it may be useful to someone else as well.

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