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VOB has no audio says VRD


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I have a DVD on my hard drive in VOB format.

It will play OK with PowerDVD, Media Player Classic & WMP, however VRD reports no audio whatsovever.

It has in fact three tracks at AC3 Dolby Digital 6.1 @ 384

Nomally I would trim 30 megs from the front of the VOB and upload it but on trimming the 30 megs this results in the sample having no audio under any player.

I can upload the complete VOB of nearly 1GB if you like suiteably rar'ed.

Using VRD 482

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Ignore TS Maps make no difference I'm afraid.

Here is vob details:-

File Name: C:\Extract\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB
File Size: 1073612800 ( 1.00 GB )
Program Duration: 00:19:36.20
File Type: PS - MPEG2
Encoding: MPEG 2
Video stream Id: xE0
Encoding Dimensions: 720 x 576
Display Size: 720 x 576
Aspect Ratio: 16/9
Frame Rate: 25.00 FPS
Bit Rate: 9.800 Mbps
VBV_Buffer: 224 KB
Profile: Main/Main
Progressive: Prog or Int
Chroma: 4:2:0
Audio Format:
Audio Stream Id:
Audio Bit Rate:
Audio Sampling Rate:


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Try uploading the smaller trim and copy segment. We will evaluate it. Don't bother to RAR it. Video files don't shrink that much.

Could you trim and copy a 30-50MB segment of the original file and upload it to us? Tools>Trim and Copy Source File

Confirm that the trim and copy segment has the same problem before uploading.


Create a folder with a unique name and place the file in it.

Send an email to Support@VideoReDo.com and let us know when it has been successfully uploaded.

Also include a reference to this topic number 2878


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Yes it would, however, some of our users are novices and inexperienced with FTP or file/folder renaming so any name they choose for the folder is OK and we can always rename it. (As long as we know where and what it is.)