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OK... strange topic to post in VideoRedo forum... but here goes.

I record using Hauppauge PVR350 on a Windows XP Home machine.
Then I transfer to a Vista machine and edit using VideoRedo Plus.

I have the Aero interface turned on, and have set VideoRedo to render using VMR9.

Display of my MPG files in VideoRedo is great with no problems or artifacts. But if I play them in WMP or Media Centre (I have Vista Premium) the the quality of playback is poor. Playback is jerky and the image ghosts significantly on my monitor (I have a 2ms TFT, so it should not be like this).

The only software I have loaded to the machine that could have provided a CODEC for playback is Vista itself and VideoRedo Plus.

Are there playback quality settings anywhere that I can adjust for WMP... ?

How can I tell which CODEC WMP is using to render the playback of a given file ?



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Try loading the file into WMP and select File>Properties from the menu.

That's where it used to be.


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Thanks for your help
I have downloaded Media Player Classic, which works fine on Vista for me.
I am using the VMR9 rendering option.
The web based help system seems not to function, the url does not display the help system. I downloaded the help (.chm) file from Sourceforge and it too cannot find the required urls.
Anyone know why ?
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