Virus warning for v5.0.2.705a Beta

Tom Dunlop

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Tried to install this beta and got a anti-virus warning from Avast! "Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]" which caused the installation to abort.


Hi, do yourself a huge favor and get rid of Avast and download the free Microsoft Security Essentials if you are using Vista or Win 7, Windows 8 does not need any AV software because it has Defender built in, which is a combination of the previous Microsoft Security Essential AV and Defender Anti Malware, and they all do a great job, no need to pay for any other dodgy AV software.

All those crappy Internet security programs like Avast and Avg detect a lot of "false positives" and this would be another classic example of just how warped those programs are.

If you want to protect better against Malware, buy a 1 year license for Malwarebytes premium, good for 3 computers for just us$24.95 and install that as well, then you have the best protection you need.

The free version is ok but you have to do manual definition updates every day where the premium version does everything automatically, even scans.



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I have zero virus checkers on my M$ boxes. Sometimes I think they are more trouble than they are worth.

Keep in mind, none of my M$ boxes can be probed from the outside world. No e-mail is read on them. No general web browsing is done on them. All of that is done on my Solaris/Linux boxes.


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F-Secure also gives a warning Gen:Variant.Symmi.3300.

Seems like it is more than one anti-virus program that is spotting a problem ;-)

I'll hold off the install until this is cleared - better safe than sorry!


Why on earth are you guys using F-Secure and Bitdefender, Avast or even AVG for, and what component of their software are you using, and how much are you paying for it.

Its ironic that this "false positive" (which is what i will be) is not being registered by Microsoft Security Essentials or Malwarebytes that i have installed, and my system is as clean as a whistle.

Seriously, viruses are not a threat any more, Malware is a bigger killer of windows these days, and people need to stop being so paranoid, if someone wants to destroy your operating system they will do it, regardless of what defense you guys install, and seriously, do you really think that the installer VRD has provided would me malicious in any way, especially when many have installed it without any threat what so ever.

It is a false positive guys, email your AV developers and tell them.


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not working for me ... no virus alert with 705b, but an error while trying to rename the file ModuleCollection1.dll in the destination directory (MoveFile failed; code 5).



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Temporary disable your AV software, reinstall, then before enabling add an exception to your AV software for the VRD install directory.

That module is encrypted by our license manager. The bytes are random until it's decrypted. The random bytes could be matching the pattern of some known virus or tripping up some other heuristic check. It's not a virus.
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