VideoReDo TVSuite Very Slow Recoding output


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I am having trouble in my first use of the updated VideoReDo. (02/26/2014)
The Author and Burn stage is taking forever!
I trimmed the commercials out of a 2 hour figure skating program and
intitiated the author and burn process. Since it appeared that selecting 4.7
or 8.5 Gb DVDs would work, I chose 4.7 Gb.
After most of the day, VideoReDo had only reached 40% completion. I
[Aborted] that process and began again, choosing 8.5 Gb DVD. Later that
evening, it was still processing, so I let it run overnight and all day(02/27/2014) ( 62% ):

Output: Figure Skating "U.S. Championships Skating Spectacular" (Recorde~
Estimated time remaining: 16:11:53
Figure Skating- "U.S. Championships Skating Spec
Recoding output. Scene 9 of 13
[ Abort ]
I do not think it has started to actually burn the DVD, yet.
I have attached the log files for 2/26 and 2/27

I guess I will let it run tonight? I welcome any ideas about what has gone wrong.



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Yes, I sent a couple of emails about my older version not loading the newer .tivo files.
I downloaded your newer version of VideoReDo TVSuite and found my use of it is very slow to Author and Burn.
I, then attempted to register, only to discover that I had registered several years ago.


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I am still letting it crawl: Scene 11 of 13 76%

I will not bother posting any more .log excerpt files unless you think it would help.


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Something is wrong. Most likely even if it finishes the output will be messed up. I wouldn,t bother letting it continue.

What I would recommend is that you run the source file(s) through Quick Stream Fix first, then edit the fixed files and save to DVD.


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Question: After the quick stream fix, the video stream is still displayed with my selections.

Here are the results from the log:
2014-02-28 13:06:56 Output complete.
Input file: D:\Documents and Settings\All_Users\TiVoRecordings\Figure Skating - ''U.S. Championships Skating Spectacular'' (Recorded Jan 18, 2014, KUSADT).TiVo
Output file: D:\Documents and Settings\All_Users\DVDs\DVD_Volume (01).dvd\VIDEO_TS\Figure Skating - ''U.S. Championships Skating Spectacular'' (Recorded Jan 18, 2014, KUSADT).mpg
Mode: Frame Accurate
-Video output packets: 5408584
-Audio output packets: 340956
-Padding output packets: 0
Video output frames: 214585
Audio output frames: 223752
Processing time (secs): 693
Processed frames/sec: 309.25
Actual Video Bitrate: 12.22 Mbps
* Audio frame errors: 25
* Input Sequence Errors: 190
* Video resync frames removed: 863
* Audio resync frames removed: 12

2014-02-28 13:06:56 Displaying output complete dialog: 0

Can I [Create DVD] using the selections I made 2/26 (before this slow failed 'burn')?
Or do I need to start fresh with the .tivo file?


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Silly Me. Jumping to the wrong assumptions. I have just done a better job of specifying the fixed file location. The new .mpg file is close to the same size as the original .tivo file.

Thank you for your patience.

Is there a simple way to predict that this Quick Stream Fix will be required. I do not remember having this problem with files originating from our older HD TiVo.


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Personally I simply QSF all my Tivo files before editing since I had enough issues with random files that this simply eliminated the problem completely.


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Thank you, both. I finally have a DVD of the 'Figure Skating Spectacular'. There are some stumbles near the end, but that may have been in the original?


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Based in your QSF output there were some glitches in the original that resulted in some frames being removed. That's pribably what's causing the "stumbles".
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