VideoRedDo TVSuite crash...


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I got an email this morning telling me about VideoReDo TVSuite, and duly installed it. It's all new to me.

I've been using VideoReDo for a couple of years or so, and have been very happy with it, so a DVD authoring ability sounded to be great news. Having installed it, the interface looks good. I don't need anything complex, and this looks like it fits the bill. However, on trying it, it crashed. The first time I just restarted and tried again. After the second time, I tried restarting the PC, and it still crashed. Error messages as follows...


Estimated time remaining 00
DVD-[ERR] Post verification fails
Segment 1 of 1


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Program c:\Program Files\VideoRedoTVSuite\VideoRed3.exe
abnormal program termination


I've tried to ensure that there is enough space on the working drives - I have several hundred Gb spare. I was trying to write a dual layer disk, but I don't think it actually got as far as writing to the DVD drive. I'm running Windows XP Pro. I have a Nebula USB TV device, and DigiTV sleeps in the background.

As I say, I like the look of the program and would like to upgrade - has anyone got any suggestions?


Paul McD


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Hi Paul,

Sorry you're having a problem. Can you email us two things:

1) A copy of your VideoReDo log file (accessed from our help menu).
2) The information about the file you are editing, Tools>Show Program Info.

Send the info to Mention topic=5248.

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