Video Ring Buffer Overflow v 681


I have been getting Video Ring Buffer Overflow on HD TV shows the last few days - have not had this problem for a long while.
H264 options are Video min 1024 - max 3000, audio 2048 - 4000, subtitles 64 - 512. I attached the pertinent log (i hope) .. Any ideas?




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This error generally indicates a very severe problem, with your source file. I.e. audio is missing for multiple seconds. Here are some solutions (probably best to apply one at a time).
Since it is a recent occurrence could the files be corrupt or a transmission error?

Have you tried running Tools>QuickStream Fix first?

On the Tools>Options>Stream Parameters page, make sure the "Double Video Buffer Memory" is checked.


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You might also check if the file has multiple audio streams. If it does make sure the correct one is selected as the primary and then in the Save dialog click Options and uncheck the one that says "Allow multiple audio streams". A lot of times this can be caused by a bad secondary audio stream in the file.
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