Video ReDo and Xbox 360 Media Centre Extender


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I wonder if anyone can help.

I bought Video Redo some time ago and have been using it to edit some music videos and play them on my Xbox 360 media Centre Extender and this has worked fine.

I recently have have also taken some videos from DVD by ripping with DVD Decrypter and then trimming the VOB files to get the videos I want in mpeg format.

This seemed to work ok, with all video clips playing fine in Nero Showtime, Windows Media Player, Win DVD and Media Centre.

However, if I try and watch them via my Xbox 360 Media Centre I always get the picture, but with some there is no sound. I'm quite confused by this as I have carried out the same process for each and yet some work and other don't. This is even the case with clips taken off the same DVD.

Can anyone shed any light on what might be causing this.

Many thanks



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Ok, I guess no one else has had this problem or knows the answer, fair enough.

However, I have now solved this myself and in case anyone else comes across it here's the answer.

The problem was that the audio tarck on this particular music dvd was in LPCM and windows media centre extender will not handle that format.

I tried re-encoding the mpeg file with Windows Movie Maker, which did give me sound but both sound and video were poor in comparison to the original. Finally I used Windows Media Encoder 9 in high quality video and high quality audio mode and this gave me good quality sound and video that would successfully stream to the xbox 360 via the wireless extender.

Hope this may one day help someone else.


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You can also change the audio in VideoReDo to MPEG. When you are saving the file, click the Options button.
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