Video ReDo and Pinnacle Studio


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I use Pinnacle System's Studio 9.
.vob files cut and converted to .mpg
with VideoRedo can't be read in this
DVD-authoring program.

Didn't help checking "Output streams for Movie Factory"
Didn't help checking "Enable Frame Accurate Editing"

Any suggestions, or anyone made it work?

/ Richard


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Pinnacle Studio 9 cannot open the VOB files edited and converted to MPEG by VRD?

Are they commercial VOBs or this is a home-recorded DVD?

Do the edited files play OK in VRD?


I use pinnacle studio 8 with VRD edited files with no problem. The audio source is very important, there are limitations as to what Studio will open and edit. I had looked at a trial of Studio 9 and I have a vague recollection about needing to register some codec's in order for it to work with mpeg2 files.



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I've tested some more now.

It's commercial DVD:s made uncrypted, saved to harddrive,
and then VideoRedo opens the .VOB files and
cut out pieces, and converts it to .MPG

The .VOB files works fine in VRD, and if I reopen
the created .MPG file VRD made in VRD, that plays well too,
but not in Pinnacle Studio.

I've now tried a few other DVD:s and after VRD converts
parts to .MPG, some works in Pinnacle and some don't.

However, I downloaded a trial of Pinnacle Studio 10,
which can import .VOB files, so I don't need VRD to convert
to .MPG first.
I discovered that Pinnacle had problem with open the same .VOB files
that it had problem with open in .MPG from VRD,
and that the MPG files Pinnacle could open from VRD, also could
be opened as .VOB directly.

This means that the problem lies within Pinnacle import
and NOT VideoRedo.

(This message might be a little bit long, but it might help
other which runs in to the same problem)

By the way:
My two kids are 4 & 5 years old, and I use VRD to
remake movies more suitable for their age.
(Cut out all blood and violance from purchased DVD:s,
so they are more family-friendly.)

I used Pinnacle to cut out the unwanted pieces before,
but that program is *S*L*O*W* compared to VRD,
and decreases the quality.

The prog. should be called VRD Lightning...

Anyway, a last tip:, instead of burning the DVD in Pinnacle,
make everything in VRD, export it to .MPG and use
NeroVisionExpress to burn the .MPG file to DVD-video,
and it works in a normal DVD-player.



Glad to see things are working for you. I use VRD also to make family friendly video content. I will almost bet the problem with pinnacle lies with the audio being dolby digital or some other format that Studio cannot handle. That is one of the strengths of VRD, it does not care.

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