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V456 - Tivo support question


Let me start by saying thanks for adding this. What a godsend! :)

Quick question. (I am not video export by any means, so bear with me if this is stupid question).

I thought byte 0x0C of the .tivo file was the offset for the video in the file. I noticed when you "reattach" the metadata you don't seem to be honoring what that byte says. For example, I have a .tivo file that says the video offset should be 0x3800 (and that appears to be where it does start before running through VR). After resaving with VR as a .tivo file, byte 0x0C still says 0x3800 but the video seems to start elsewhere (for example 0x4000).

Probably makes no difference, just curious about that.



Staff member
Did know about the byte 0x0c. We simply look for the first MPEG header and copy over all the data up to that point.