Using Ulead ver3.0se with AC3 audio

I was testing a version of Ulead DVDMovieFactory 3.0SE that came with my Hauppauge tuner cards (SE may stand for Simple Edition rather than Special Edition) and found that there is a way to force it to pass AC3 audio through when authoring. VideoReDo (and other programs) will convert the AC3 audio to mpeg if you didn't want to mess with .ini files, however.

Caution: this may make Ulead less stable.
First, you should author a few compliant files (non AC3) to get things sorted out; then you need to try some mpegs with AC3 audio and check all of the warning boxes so they don't pop up anymore. I would complete the processes but write to ISO or DVD folders rather than disk, since these will have no sound.
Next, you need to edit the DVDMF.ini file (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ulead Systems\Ulead DVD MovieFactory\3.0) and change 3 lines in the [VIODRIVER] section from:
Finally, you need to make the DVDMF.ini file "Read Only". This is the one in the "all users" section not the logged in user. This last step is what may cause instability. I occassionally had problems (only the first day) when closing the program but none running it. After a reboot, it has not acted up again.

The reason I wanted to do this was to make DVDs of Standard Definition Digital broadcasts which contain AC3 audio, without any reencoding or conversion. Since cable providers will be switching to "Clear QAM" in the future, this may become a common need since the captured transport stream is basically DVD compliant to begin with. In my case it was to save DVDs of the Monty Python's Best series which the local PBS station simulcast in SD digital. If the bitrate header on the transport stream is correct (approx. 3.5Mbps) then the files will dump straight to DVD. If the header is incorrect (like 15Mbps) then you will need to change it to avoid re-encoding. I use VideoReDo to change it, but there are other options (which others may wish to add comments on). My local broadcast had some transmissions with headers at 3.5Mbps and some at 15Mbps.


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Cool tip! Thanks.

I have heard of this in the past. Your variation of locking the file as "Read Only" ensures the settings do not revert. One other proviso. You can only pass through files for this to work. No editing in DMF or the audio will be silent on the finished DVD.
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