upside-down title--please help fast, time-sensitive issue!


VRD hasn't let me down for a long time, but now it's doing so in a big way when I can't afford it. Doubtless I'm asking it to handle something it wasn't designed for, although I can't tell why.

The situation:
I shot a video in .mov format on my ipad (version 4, updated to the last ios9 available for it), default 1280x720 settings. Transferred to PC and used VRD to save it as mp4. There were a few jitters at the beginning which weren't there in the MOV, and VRD said it had to replace 44 frames (or some such message), but the video plays fine. The problem is that I need to add a title, but when I do so and then save the clip, the title page is displayed upside-freakin'-down! WTH?

Here's a copy of the result (I cut most of the video to save downloading time, but the upside-down title is plain to see in all its glory):


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1. Didn't look at your file, zippy share asked for too many permissions and tried to load some other application. Please upload the file to us at support and send an email. See:

2. Open the source file and click on Tools>Show Program info. Using the copy button paste those results here. I'm guessing that your source video is rotated by 180 degrees and that is messing up the titling. If that's the case you'll need to recode the video fixing the rotation and then add the title to the rotated video.


> zippy share asked for too many permissions
> and tried to load some other application

Zippyshare is a great way to share files if you use an adblocker like UBlock Origin. Most filesharing sites won't let you download if you do, but zippy has never implemented anti-adblocker protocols, so as long as you have one it's seamless. Sorry--I should have mentioned that. Because Ublock is always running in my Firefox, I forget just how frustrating it is to use sites like Youtube and Zippy without it.

Anyhow, you were right about the rotation. I've never run into this problem before (I don't shoot many of my own videos), so I've never really noticed the "Rotation" option in the Save dialog. But when I saved the clip with a 180 rotation and then applied the title, it worked fine right-side up.

No further help necessary, & many thanks for saving my bacon!
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