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I own a version 1 licence for VideoReDo, and upon trying to upgrade to Plus, I was told to pay $20 to upgrade. So I did, and got an Upgrade Key.

When I entered it in via the upgrade wizard, I got a "too many connections, try again later" message or something similar. So I hit Back, then tried again, and now it gives me "Error: This activation code has already been used"

Very frustrated, as I've got to get this working ASAP.

Please get back to me soon, your phone support is apparently gone for the night


For any license key help, please contact us at support@videoredo.com.

I deleted you upgrade token from your message, hopefully it wasn't used by someone else. Please don't ever publish a VideoReDo key or purchased token in a public forum as that could cause the key to be invalidated.


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E-mail sent

Upgrade key appears to be one-time use only, wasn't too worried about someone stealing it... they wouldn't get too far with it (considering it doesn't even work for me!!!)
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