Unusually Slow File Load?


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Started a trial yesterday of TV Suite 6 and liking it so far. One issue: Seems to take a really long time time open files.

My setup is probably a little unusual. I'm using a 2019 MacBook Pro (i5, 16 GB) with Parallels 16 running Win10 64 bit. Files are MPG generated by Channels DVR. They are only about 750 MB each. Just opening a file takes 4-5 minutes. No progress bar or anything, TV Suite just seems to hang for a few minutes. Then eventually the app runs normally. Saving a video after editing is actually faster--only takes about 2 minutes to create a new MP4 with the commercials removed.

I know this isn't a high end video setup and wouldn't be surprised if it took time to generate the new file. Just surprised it takes so long to open. Is this expected behavior? If not, any suggestions for fix?



I would try to open the same file with TV & Movies or VLC from within Windows and see if it's slow opening in those.
Where is the file located, local disk or network mount?
If network mounted share that could be issue, also any anti-virus trying to scan it while VRD is opening it.

Running VRD6 on Win 10 I usually open files over an SMB share and file open times are roughly 2-3 seconds.


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That's not normal, something is wrong. Since this is a channels DVR I'm guessing it's running on a Raspberry Pi or a NAS? Have you tested how quickly you can simply copy a file from the DVR to the local drive?
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