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I've been using VideoReDo for several weeks and LOVE it. I export programs from Adobe Premiere into mpgs and then open the mpg to cut it up into different lengths.

All working well until I got a new computer. The installation of Adobe and VideoReDo are the same (same version) and I'm using the same export settings, but now it won't open mpgs exported from Premiere. It still opens the old mpgs that I made in Premiere.

I notice that the extention is m1v or m2v, which I understand to be mpgs, and I've tried renaming the files to mpg. I've tried both mpg2 and mpg1.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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m1v and m2v are mpegs that have had the audio demuxed. I think you are accidentally demuxing your video. Carefully examine all of your settings in Adobe and make sure you are NOT outputting elementary streams.
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