Unable to Initialize Video


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I find that I am no longer able to use my copy of VideoReDo v3. Every time I attempt to open a video I get the error message:
"Unable to intialize the video display please check VideoReDo.log"

When I check the log I see variations of the following message:
"2015-01-23 17:26:06 Using display driver: VMR9
2015-01-23 17:26:06 Error initializing video: VMR 9 Error, BuildVideoMixingGraph-VMR 9 (Windowless), hr=0x80004005, Unspecified error , Overlay Flag: 0, Accel Flag: 1
2015-01-23 17:26:06 Unable to play video: Unable to initialize the video display."

I have tried downloading the demo version of VideoReDo v5 but get the same message when I attempt to open a video file.

My PC has a GE Force 210 GPU with driver version 340.52. The PC is an Intel Core i5 with 16Gb of RAM, running Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

I've been using VideoReDo for several years and this the first time I've experienced this problem.

Any help appreciated


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Try enabling/disabling YUV acceleration and DirectSound in Tools>Options>Playback Devices
Also try different video drivers on the same page.
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