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My HDTV card comes with Ulead Videostudio 8 SE for use with analogue capture. Can anyone tell me whether when using videoredo plus on video captured by videofactory, do I need to tick the Ulead Moviefactory option?



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Will you be using VS8 to author DVDs? or an alternative authoring program?

Will you be using VS8 for further editing of VideoReDo files or addition of special effects like titles, transitions, etc.?

The MovieFactory output option was originally designed mainly for issues that were in DMF2. It may not be necessary and you could try unchecking it and see what the results are.

I personally have authored DVDs with files edited using VideoReDo with DMF 1, 2, 3, and 4. I always left the option checked and all DVDs turned out OK. (Well, not all, human error :oops: and a bad disk here and there.)

I have also used VRD files in a more limited capacity with VS6, VS7, VS9 and Media Studio Pro without any issues. This was much more limited in the number of files so is not as comprehensive a usage as the DVD authoring with DMF. Some of the same patches were applicable to both the VS and DMF series such as the viodriver patch and the burning engine patch so both product lines share common internal components.

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Thanks Pat, most informative.

I haven't used VS8 for anything yet but I see DVICO recommend it (and give a free copy with) their FusionHDTV cards.

My sons always seem to be doing projects at school where they use a camcorder to videotape projects. I intend to use my fusionHDTV card to capture that cam output and then use VRDP to edit it and VS8 to make it into a DVD with whatever effects they need.

I'm still a total newbie when it comes to that part. I haven't looked at exactly what VS8 can and can't do so I suppose my query is a little premature.



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I have been using VS8 for quite sometime and for the most part I like it. It is stable and the GUI, in my opinion, is very good. I have listed below some general comments regarding my experience with VS8:

1. If you are doing any cutting or trimming in VS8 it is best to do it when the file is DV avi. VS8 is not mpeg frame accurate and you will run into audio sync issues if you cut and or trim mpeg.
2. If you drop in mpegs that are already cut/trimmed and add transitions between them be sure to check audio sink after each transition. It seems that either the type of transition or the way it was added has caused the audio sync to go out. Just keep checking.
3. Make sure the output you request from VS8 matches the settings of the mpeg files you are using. If the bitrate of the video or the audio for example is different then VS8 will re-encode everything, which is not what you want it to do.

A few things I really like about VS8 is that it does not re-encode mpeg compliant files provided the settings match and it will let you create video_ts folders of any size. Many apps like VS8 will limit the video_ts folder to what will fit on a DVD. In cases where your creation is a bit larger you can have VS8 write the video_ts folder and then use DVD Shrink or DVD Rebuilder to reduce the file size and then burn it to DVD.

Good luck!
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