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A while ago I purchased Photoimpact 12.
I want to make my own menu for a
dvd I'm going to make in Ulead DVD
Moviefactory 5, but how to I do that?
And how do I change the mouse-
pointer in menu's that already exist?
For example, when you put a dvd in the
dvd-player you can select a title.
Sometimes the title turns white, and
sometimes you can select with a
pointer like a circle or a star...
How do I change that star in a picture
I like?

I hope someone can help me because I
didn't find anything on the Internet...


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I've created and modified menus in PI for use in DMF. It's rather complex with multiple layers containing every object.

There is an add-on wizard over at Ulead to create menus. Also there are tutorials both on their website and on the Ulead forum. You should check them out.

I have created menus in the past to suit my needs by using a preexisting menu then modifying it to suit my needs.

They are in .UFO format (Ulead FIle for Objects)

Fairly easy to create with cut and paste to modify. The layers/opbjects need to be properly named for it to function successfully.

Study the existing ones for the features you want.
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