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Please post your functional issues here on the message board in the Version 6 beta thread. However upgrade and key issues should be emailed directly to us via email at support. AT

If you logged into the message board and want to be notified via email of new beta builds, click the "Watch" button at the upper right just above this thread.

To see the key new features in TVSuite V6, please see:

If you're running TVSuite V5 (or earlier) TVSuite V6 will not interfere with your current installation. To import your TVSuite V5 or V4 profiles into TVSuite V6, click on the File menu in the Tools>Manage Output Profiles dialog.

Download link:

Known issues:
Translations are not yet enabled. We have moved to a new translation system, and it's taking some time to get it all integrated.
2. MPEG2 smart editing does not support fade/dissolve transitions. To output MPEG2 files with transitions force a full transcode. H264 and HEVC smart editing do support transitions.
3. The batch dialog does not yet support the new output profile management screen.

Please post other issue in new threads on this forum or by sending us an email to support.

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-04-24)

** Updated beta expiration date **
Change log to be posted shortly.

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-04-16)

[Fix] HEVC: M2TS output file type wasn't allowed and should be.
[Fix] MP4 output: AAC-HE at 48000/24000 being recoded to 64000/32000.
[Fix] HEVC: Opening HEVC files would crash application if CPU wasn't late model with AVX2 support.
[Fix] H.264 smart encoding: Could crash at end of file or cut end of recoded buffer wasn't previously enlarged.
[Fix] Caption display: Improve stability of 608/708 caption display when non-reference frames are dropped during playback.
[Fix] Display: For DX11 and GDI drivers, deinterlace setting was reversed.

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-04-05)

[Fix] HEVC: M2TS output incorrectly triggering an error when saving. Now OK.
[Fix] MP4 muxing: Saving to MP4 could trigger "non monotonic" DTS output abort.
[Fix] AC3: Installer missing the AC3 encoder DLL after name was changed.
[Fix] HEVC: Incorrect of versions of HEVC support files caused crash when saving to HEVC format.
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Beta 792c posted.

Improved stability when saving HEVC files especially to MP4 and MKV.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still working on a couple H.264 and HEVC cutting issues, if you've already uploaded samples and haven't heard back from us, then we are still working your reported problem.
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