Trouble opening a .TS file


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I seem to be having trouble opening a ts file in order to edit it in videoredo. I have the TV version 4. When I try to open video it just hangs and then goes to videoredo is not responding, and all I can do is force close the program. I’ve never had this issue before. It happens while opening a 23 GB file, but I know I have opened files of this size before with no trouble. Can you assist?

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i know this is an old post

I had the same problem tonight i installed 737 and the file opened fine was able too edit it and encode now uninstalled 737 and reinstalled 743 i am sure i have seen a fix for this but for the life of me cant find the thread


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If you can't open a TS file, there are two parameters to try and increase:

On the Tools>Options>Stream Mbytes to scan at open: try increasing to 100 or 200.

On the Shift+Tools>Options page, 5. Number of times a PMT has to be read when opening a file: 40

The default for this PMT parameter used to be pretty low, like 10 or something, we've increased it in later version but that only applies to new installations. I would try this PMT increase first.

The final thing to check is to make sure the file isn't copy protected. Does it play in VLC or another software player.

If none of the above work, set the diagnostic level to "medium" on the Tools>Options>General page, attempt to open the file and then email the log file to us at support. You can locate the log file from our help menu.
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