Trojan found in VRD EXE


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Hi all,


I am running McAfee total protection AV.
VRD installed V

AV said it found and deleted a trojan in the VRD.exe file. (W32/

Well cant run VRD anymore so I uninstalled it but cant reinstall.
VRD installer states last uninstall not complete but it did.
It is out of the win control panel and the program files directory is gone.

What to do, Any ideas,


OK Here is the latest, McAfee's new update will delete your VRD EXE and kill the software.
DO NOT UNINSTALL VRD. restore the file with your AV software and set it as safe to use.

I need to contact McAfee as it thinks its CRITICAL and I cant figure out how to make it safe yet.

VRD Uninstall orphans a lot of registry settings which KILLS any re-install and took me 1/2 hour to go in and manually delete.
If you are not VERY FAMILIAR editing the registry, DONT. Ask here for them to provide a cleanup utility, (easy to write for them) The VRD uninstaller should be fixed or at least a cleanup Utility be avail on support to clean up VRD's own mess left on our systems.

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McAfee removed the trojan. I can restore the two files videoredo3.exe and vrdactconfirm.exe. However I don't know how to get McAfee to trust the files with trojan WD/ I restore the files and Mcafee quickly quarantines the files again.


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stimpy99 said:
What to do, Any ideas,
Unfortunately, you're running into what's called a "false positive", do a search on this forum, there are a few threads discussing your issue and how to resolve.

Basically, you have to put the "suspect" executables into your anti-virus' exclude list.


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I have both real time and scheduled virus scans disabled from Macafee virus scan plus. Plus does not have the ability to add "exclude" files from the virus scan. restoring the file does not work and if I re-install, when I attempt to use or register, the files disapear again. Any suggestions ?


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I'm having the exact same problem. McAfee doesn't let me do anything with this file. I had real time scanning off but a routine scan automatically removed/quarantined the file... i have the AT^T Internet Security Suite


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Same here. Also running McAfee. I don't know of a way to exclude it via some list. Keeps removing the program file and insists it is the aforementioned Trojan.

Are you sure no Trojan snuck into the code?


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I've had no luck with this. It seems that McAfee AV Plus really doesn't like Videoredo TVSuite.

After the AV first deleted part of VRD, I turned off real time scanning, ran the VRD uninstaller and restarted the computer. A reinstallation of VRD succeeded and I backed up the VRD installation directory onto a memory stick.

Suprisingly in McAfee Real time scanning off does appear to mean that real time scanning is actually off and it still deletes VideoReDo3.exe and VRDActConfirm.exe.

I think we are stuffed until McAfee update/fix their software.



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I exactly had the same problem with the TV Suite H.264. I agree we'll have to wait till McAfee fix the problem because I see no way to make VRD run.


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We recently received a bunch of emails also.

Here is a distillation of the issue and user contributions to McAfee:

We have recently received a large number of similar reports from other McAfee users. This appears to be a false positive associated with McAfee's
anti-virus update after June 12, 2011 and would recommend that you:
a) Report the problem to McAfee, and,
b) Exclude the VideoReDo folder from your virus scan.
Do not uninstall VideoReDo. Restore the quarantined files with McAfee and set it as safe to use.
McAfee virus scan plus may not have the ability to add "exclude" files from the virus scan.
Some versions may differ , what you are looking for is the Access Scanner option.
You should be able to resolve the problem using the following method.
1 right click on the McAfee shield
2 select Virusscan console
3 double click on Access scanner which should bring up properties tab
4 double click all processes and select exclusions tab
5 Press exclusions button which displays the set exclusion screen
6. press the add button
7. browse to your VideoReDo folder select and save.
If McAfee deletes the installation file, you may need to either disable or uninstall McAfee in order to complete the VideoReDo installation


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I'm a happy bunny as I've found TVSuite Version on a backup disk and can confirm that it is McAfee safe.



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Good news. I've just installed an update from McAfee (DAT 6376) and TvSuite is no longer detected as a trojan.


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I have the AOL version of McAfee and an hour or two ago it removed TVSuite and RedoPlus (latest versions). Couldnt find any way to tell Mcafee to trust the items. I could restore them from quarantine but they were removed again within a minute or two. Couldn't send the files to McAfee - said they were too big!

I just did a McAfee update and the problem seems to have been fixed. VideoRedoPlus has been running OK for about 10 minutes.

Not happy with McAfee. I've had several false positives in the last two years and am getting fed up!

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Can you people at VideoRedo make TVSuite Version available again for us McAfee people who can no longer install VideoReDoTVSM-3-20-2-609b.exe because McAfee STOPS the installation with a false-positive TROJAN. I have been online with McAfee for hours and hours. An older version would let us use our VRDs again until McAfee fixes their error.


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McAfee has fixed the problem with VideoReDoTVSM-3-20-2-609b.exe getting false positive Trojan errors with DAT VERSION 6376.

WHEW! I spent hours and hours online with this company! Earlier versions as mentioned above should work as well but why not have the Final VideoRedo TVSuite 3? Download it at Thanks to all for help.
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