tried installing VideoRedo Plus 10-596 getting error when accessing vprj's


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Hello, I just tried installing beta 3 10-596 after a long time.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit on a Quad Core AMD Phenom with 8 GB DDR2 memory.

I'm getting the error in the attached jpg ... something about SupportLib.dll missing?

The reason I tried the latest beta over the prior one is that I was getting this error :
Movie Window Problem, Video Thread : Video Dimensions have changed ... causing a crash to Windows Error Reporting

and before that I disabled thumbnails because thumbnail generation was causing Video Redo Plus to crash ... to WER

I guess it's my fault for installing the beta drivers suggested by hauppage ...

Thanks for your time,



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Try installing to a different folder and/or uninstalling and re-installing.
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