Transcoding at idle priority class


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Is there any way to get VRD to transcode at idle priority class using vp.vbs? I already have the lower priority when saving box checked.

Further info:
I record to the systems flash drive and then transcode the finished file to MPEG2 for comskip to use before moving the original onto a normal hard disk for playback. The system becomes unresponsive and the video breaks up when VRD is running and I am recording more than one HD channel at the same time. I think that reducing VRD's priority will help with this.


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Don't think so. To see if priority is really the issue, you can change the priority by right clicking on the process in the task manager.

FYI, I've always found priority setting in Windows to be a bit of a crap shoot. In my opinion, the granularity of the priority settings is too gross. Setting a job to low or idle priority may mean it rarely if ever runs as one other job can completely lock it out.

Let me know if the priority setting makes a difference. If it does perhaps we can add it to the output profiles.


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Thanks for the reply Dan, I'll try that although as it is upsetting the recorded tv it's often a done deal by the time I notice. Maybe moving the source files from the ssd to a slower normal drive before processing will do what I want instead.
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