TiVo-VideoReDo-AutoProcessor Program



Download or see complete readme description and instructions ***here***.

Note: Now includes support for profile outputs (e.g., MPEG4 transcodes) using TVSuite 4


A free utility program for TiVo-To-Go (e.g., TiVo Desktop or TiVoPlayList) users who use VideoReDo (Plus or TV Suite) for editing transferred TiVo files. It runs on a Windows computer with VideoReDo (VRD) and TiVo Desktop installed (just for registry settings). TVAP detects TiVo files being transferred and, when transfer completes, it automatically and silently runs VideoReDo processes on the files as configured by the operator in the program GUI. QuickStream Fix (QSF) and/or Ad Detective scans ("Ad Scans")may be run. Optionally, all three file types (.TiVo, QSF outputs and Ad Scan outputs) are moved automatically to specified folders after processing is completed, or the original .TiVo file is deleted. Output file types of MPEG2 (.mpg), DVD-VOB (.mpg), DVR-MS (.dvr-ms), TS (*.ts) and TiVo (.tivo) are supported. ALL configuration is via the GUI - NO MANUALLY PREPARED

You can also select a .TiVo file and click a button to launch the "normal" (interactive GUI) version of VideoReDo (Plus or TV Suite) with the file loaded. This allows you to set Ad Detective parameters or just to preview the video (or anything else VRD can do).

Several metadata items are read from the TiVo files (e.g., Description, Genre, Subtitle/Episode, Episode #, Movie Year, Recording Date/Time). These are displayed by right-clicking on the file in the GUI file list and some of them are inserted in DVR-MS output files. pyTivo metaData files are automatically generated and paired with output MPEG2 files.

TVAP will run a batch file of your creation after processing each .mpg, .dvr-ms or .ts file -- this is typically used to run HandBrake to create a .mp4 version.

You can configure to produce a project (.vprj) file with automatic (Ad Detective or ComSkip) cuts as your output file. TVAP remembers this and displays a status of "AWAITING CUTS" for this video. Then if you later review this project and save it with your modified cuts, TVAP will automatically call VRD to produce the final edited output video with YOUR cuts. For videos that are awaiting cuts the "Run VideoReDo" button will load the project file, ready for you to review and modify the cuts.

You have the option of using ComSkip for commercial detection instead of the VideoReDo Ad Detective.

Read the "Things to Know" section and the Change Log at the end of the TVAP-readme.pdf file for more details.


VideoReDo is a trademark of DRD Systems, Inc.
TiVo is a trademark of TiVo, Inc.

TVAP is free and is not an official product of either VRD or TiVo, neither of which are providing
support for it, nor do they officially endorse it.


- GUI Selection of VRD operations: Default and individual settings for each TiVo file. Specific files may also be "blocked", so no processing occurs.

- GUI selection of output file format, including Profiles for TVSuite 4.

- GUI selection of whether Ad Scan or ComSkip produces only the project (.vprj) file or
automatically applies the cuts to produce a final edited output file.

- On first startup, reads the Desktop TiVo transfer folder from the Windows Registry. If not detected, prompts the operator to select the folder to be monitored.

- Can launch independent GUI version of VideoReDo with TVAP-selected .TiVo file loaded.

- Totally automatic operation with real-time configuration allowed.

- Video Dimension filters automatically applied during Quick Stream Fix, configured by optional user-generated text configuration file containing strings to match against video names and corresponding dimensions.

- Status of all .TiVo files in the transfer folder and all configuration settings,
are maintained in an XML data file between program runs, automatically updated on startup.

- Maintains and displays a log file of processing actions.

- Shows file name, current processing action, and progress bar for VRD processes and file moves.

- Many tooltip hints.

- TVAP is lightweight: Uses less than 20MB of memory exclusive of VRD requirements. Uses less than 1% of processor time when just monitoring for .TiVo transfers.

- Minimizes to system tray.

- File Folder in .vprj file created by Ad Scan is automatically modified if the scanned file was moved by TVAP (otherwise the .vprj file cannot be opened by VRD).

- For mpeg2 outputs, automatically generates a text metadata file that will automatically be used by pyTivo transcoding server (http://pytivo.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/PyTivo) to attach metadata to files served back from pc to TiVo.

- If you place a batch file named TVAPpostProcess.bat or TVAPpostProcess.cmd in the final destination directory TVAP will run the batch file upon completion of VRD processing. The filename WITHOUT the extension and without the path is passed as the argument to this batch file. No configuration is necessary -- if the batch file is there it will be run.

- Integrated option to use ComSkip for commercial detection.


VideoReDo has graciously allowed me to host the program on their FTP site. Point your browser to ftp://upload:upload@videoredo.net/VRD Add-Ons/TiVo-VideoReDo-AutoProcessor/

Click on the TVAP-readme.txt file to learn more, then click on the latest Windows installer file (setupTVAP###.exe) to download it -- the readme file will be installed in the installation folder.

Post here or PM me for questions or problems -- BUT please read the complete readme file first, particularly the "THINGS TO KNOW" section.!

I hope TVAP is of some use to you!
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well, alllllll right !

I hope this makes life for TiVo fans as comfortable as the copy utility Phd wrote to import from home-burned DVDs.
Thanks for your efforts. :D


TVAP Ver 0.31

Two noticeable improvements (plus minor cleanup):

1. Minimizes to system tray icon. Click icon to minimize/restore program window.

2. Progress bar now active for file moves.

Readme file updated and added Change Log section at end.


TVAP Ver. 0.32

Added ability to launch full-GUI VRD from TVAP with selected .TiVo file loaded.
This allows user to do anything normally possible in VRD, but in particular the
Ad Detective settings can be tuned and adjusted and they then will be used in TVAP Ad Scan processing. (You can also preview the .TiVo file, load another file etc.) TVAP's state doesn't change and it waits for you to shut down VRD before
it will do any auto-processing. See the readme for more info.

WARNING: When I clicked on the ftp link in the first post (repeated here: ftp://upload:upload@videoredo.net/VRD Add-Ons/TiVo-VideoReDo-AutoProcessor/ ) I was startled to find it showing the wrong version of TVAP. I had to refresh my browser to get the correct version to show. Don't know what would happen if I tried to download the wrong version, since it actually wasn't there -- I had deleted it when I uploaded the newer version.


TVAP Ver 0.33

No enhancements this time -- fixed a bug that occured if you configured moving .TiVo files to a destination folder.


TVAP Ver. 0.34

Now automatically corrects the folder location in a .vprj file created by Ad Scan without auto-cut. Explanation: If you have TVAP move the Ad Scan input file to another directory when completed, then the .vprj file is not correct and you can't open it in VRD -- UNLESS you change the folder location in the .vprj file (third line) to point to where you moved the input file -- which is what TVAP now does!


TVAP Ver. 0.35

TVAP will now output DVR-MS files. MetaData transfer is still on the TO DO list.

The problem with QSF+AdScan w/ AutoCut for DVR-MS output was resolved.


TVAP or VRD COM bug after remote desktop ?

TVAP runs .vbs script files using the VRD COM interface.

Sometimes I remote desktop into my computer running TVAP (to view progress, change settings, etc.) then disconnect (not log out, which would stop TVAP completely). After this disconnect, although TVAP keeps running, VRD throws an error when my AdScan.vbs file attempts to open a file with FileOpen(). A VRD message box saying "Unable to play video: Error opening direct sound audio device" is displayed (although I'm running the silent COM interface).

This only happens for FileOpen(). My QSF script uses FileOpenBatch() and it has no problems under the same conditions.

I reinstalled the latest DirectX (9c) runtime just in case -- no change.

I just had to install a fresh system battery in this computer and I'm not sure if this just started happening after this or not. The DirectX diagnostic tool says Direct Sound is working OK.

Anyone have any ideas?

Info: Using VRD, running XP SP2
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Problem solved!

TVAP runs .vbs script files using the VRD COM interface.

Sometimes I remote desktop into my computer running TVAP (to view progress, change settings, etc.) then disconnect (not log out, which would stop TVAP completely). After this disconnect, although TVAP keeps running, VRD throws an error when my AdScan.vbs file attempts to open a file with FileOpen(). A VRD message box saying "Unable to play video: Error opening direct sound audio device" is displayed (although I'm running the silent COM interface).

This only happens for FileOpen(). My QSF script uses FileOpenBatch() and it has no problems under the same conditions.

It's the audio settings in the Remote Desktop options -- specifically in the "Local Resources Tab", set the "Remote Computer Sound" to "Leave at Remote Computer". (The "Bring to this Computer" setting causes the problem.) I will add this to the documentation.


Tvap 0.36

Two major enhancements:

1. Reads metadata from TiVo files. (Title, Subtitle, Description, Genre and Recording Time/Date for now.) You can see it by right-clicking on a file name and it is automatically inserted into DVR-MS output files.

2. Comes in a Windows installer package now.

Thanks to Dan203 for the ActiveX component (TivoMetaDecode.ocx) that reads the metadata from the TiVo files.

Note: The metadata is read when the tivo file is initially detected by TVAP and is stored in its XML file. This means the XML format changed and your previous XML files will be invalid so TVAP will force a cold startup where you have to set your default options and destination directories. It will also ask you to enter your MAK since that is needed to read the TiVo metadata. (See readme for more details.)
The MAK is also stored in the XML file which is another reason your current XML file is invalid and a cold start is needed (sorry!)

ftp://upload:upload@videoredo.net/VRD Add-Ons/TiVo-VideoReDo-AutoProcessor/


Ex-Senior Developer
FYI I wrote that metadata control on my own free time, and not as an employee of VideoReDo. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, we will never be able to add such capabilities directly to VRD.

However, in addition to being a VRD employee I am also a TiVo fan (actually I'm a moderator over on the TC forum) so when I found out tivodecode added the ability to decrypt the metadata I started playing with ways to use it. Unfortunately I got sidetracked by real work and never actually did much with it. But when I saw what dlflannery was doing, and saw a way for him to take advantage of my work, I threw my simple code into an ActiveX control and sent it over to him. He's done the rest and made it actually do something useful. :)



TVAP Ver. 0.40

- Fixed: When TivoToGo (at least Ver. 2.3 that I use) queues multiple tivo files for transfer, it creates zero-length files on the tivo transfer directory and TVAP decided the files had completed transferring because their length was not changing.

- Fixed: MetaData for files being transferred was not handled properly.

Download or view readme instructions/details at:
ftp://upload:upload@videoredo.net/VRD Add-Ons/TiVo-VideoReDo-AutoProcessor/


TVAP Ver 0.41

16 October 2007 Ver. 0.41
- TiVo files "queued" for transfer by Desktop (i.e., sitting on transfer folder with constant zero size)
are shown as TRANSFERRING in the file list, with "queued" displayed for file length. This allows
user to set custom processing options.


TVAP 0.42 -- TVSuite compatibility added

If you have TVSuite installed, the Run VideoReDo button will launch it, even if you also have VRD-Plus installed.

Regarding the TVAP VRD COM interface, if you have both Plus and TVSuite installed, TVAP uses the COM interface from whichever program was last run with the normal GUI interface. I haven't figured out why but it doesn't seem to make a practical difference as the COM functionality used by TVAP seems to run identically in either case.


AdScan issue with TVSuite -- fixed by VRD

With Beta 544 of TVSuite, TVAP Ad Detective scans would crash VRD. This appears to be fixed in Beta 545.


TVAP Ver. 0.43

Enhanced metadata display: Added Movie Year and Episode # (when available). Also, sub-title has been relabeled to: Episode Name.
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TVAP Ver. 0.44

Minor GUI fixes:
1. No longer can resize TVAP form window.
2. Cannot tab focus into the read-only folder edit boxes.


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Metadata Transfer

I found your program night and wonder why it took me so long to find it! A question I have is when running VRD manually and saving to .tivo file it keeps the metadata info and I can see it from the Tivo. When the processing is done with TVAP, I get an error at the end of the Ad scan process saying "Cant transfer Metadata to "name of file.vprj"
I am using Tivo Desktop 2.5, VRD, and TVAP v0.48
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance
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