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Tivo Metadata

I'm a registered user and have been having problems with the Tivo output and its metadata. I think it might have something to do with Tivo's 7.2.2 update but I'm not sure. Anyway, editing the file in VideoReDo and then trying to send it back to Tivo leads to errors in Tivo saying it doesn't recognize the file format. BUT - if I save the file to MPEG format, use TivoAttach to extract the header from the original file and then attach that header to my newly created MPEG Tivo accepts it completely. I'm using the latest betas (465 - doesn't look like 466 would fix it) FYI.
Here's how I used it to get the Tivo file recognized by 7.2.2:

1) In the "Header Source" frame, click the "..." button in the Tivo File section and select a .tivo file
2) Then click File>Export Header and save
3) In the "Header Source" frame, click the "..." button in the Header File section and select the file created in 2)
4) Click the "..." button in the "MPEG2 Source" section and choose the mpeg file created by editing the original .tivo file in VideoReDo Plus (that file sould have been saved in VideoReDo with a .mpg/.mpeg extension)
5) Click the "Attach" button at the bottom and it will create a new file with a .header.tivo extension
6) Remove the .header in the filename and send it back to Tivo, where it will be recognized, metadata and all
Just wanted to chime in and say I am having no problems with VR 465 and 7.2.2 with "reattaching" .tivo headers.

Why in step #6 are you removing the .header portion from the .header.tivo filename? I hadn't noticed any problems with the Tivo recognizing it as long as it ended in .tivo.

-TivoAttach author
I guess that step may not be necessary. I just assumed Tivo wouldn't recognize it, but I guess I could be wrong. Besides, renaming the file was hardly a lot of effort.
All files that I've tried since 7.2.2. I thought it might have been a beta change but after installing an older beta the problem was still there.

I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I'm using a DVD-recorder Tivo?
Don't have a DVD-recorder, so can't say.

Let me get this straight: :)

#1 You can input a .tivo file into VR and save as .mpg and it WILL transfer.
#2 You can input a .tivo file into VR and save as .tivo file again and it WON'T transfer.
#3 You can input a .tivo file into VR and save as .mpg, then attach header again with TivoAttach and it WILL transfer?

Take a look at this thread:


If you have a Hex editor (I use the one bult-into VirtualDub), take a look at byte 12 and see what address your original .tivo file thinks the video should start at. VR doesn't change that byte, but "reattaches" the video starting at address 0x4000 everytime. (I think.)

Usually says 0x38, 0x40 , etc. Then just scroll to adress 0x3800 and see if data begins there. Compare that to what address VR is starting the video at when it reattaches. (Probably 0x4000). Do they agree?

A little complex to investigate, but that is the only thing I can think of. Not even sure what it means in the long run.
#1, #2, and #3 are correct Greg. I'll look at the hex editor in a little bit (probably not until tomorrow).

FYI - in case you're unaware, the .tivo files on the DVD recorder are DVD-compliant, with Dolby 2.0 audio. I know the audio is different from a non-DVD recorder Tivo, I'm not positive about video.