"Tip Of The Day" locking VideoRedo in French language



I just want to inform you that the "Tip Of The Day" is not working if I select the French language for VideoRedo Tv Suite (verified in both v3 [] and v4 [], all latest versions, and even also on the latest VideoRedo Plus []).

Instead it just displays a useless white and empty window.

I think this problem exists for a long time, but I haven't took care of it until now because I rarely use the "Tip Of The Day" feature.

But now I just ran in a worse problem when reinstalling on a Windows 7 x64 SP1 system (previously I used Windows XP Pro SP3):
Instead of a useless white and empty window, it now displays a strange Google web page inside the window, quicky followed by a script error message, all of this completely locking VideoRedo: In this situation, I cannot close the "Tip Of The Day" window, I cannot close the script error message, I cannot uncheck the "Show tips at startup" check box, actually I cannot access VideoRedo at all.
The only mean I have to recover is:

  • Killing the VideoRedo task using the Task Manager
  • Disconnect the computer from Internet (by any mean, in my case by disconnecting the Ethernet cable).
  • Launching VideoRedo again. Now I have a white page in the "Tip Of The Day" Window, and I have access to the "Show tips at startup" check box in order to uncheck it, or I can switch to another language where the "Tip Of The Day" feature is working.
As I was running a new and fresh install, I had the French language selected by default, and I had the "Show tips at startup" option also enabled by default. So I also had this "Tip Of The Day" startup locking bug enabled by default.

It suggest the possibility this could also be due to the fact that this computer now uses Internet Explorer 9.

This problem exists only in the French language configuration. The "Tip Of The Day" feature seems to not work in the Nederlands language configuration either, but the result is somewhat different, and there is no locking problem.

By the way, I think it could be a good think to add a language selection page at the beginning of the "Configuration Wizard".




Sorry, I haven't read the change log for VideoReDo TVSuite V4 Beta Build 619.
[Fix] Batch Manager (new): Adding AdDetective scan after adding a file save does not refresh the batch list.
[Fix] French translation: Translation error causing "Tip of the day" to display incorrectly and/or hang.
[Fix] H.264 encoder: When doing full recode a timing problem could cause last video frame and a few audio frames to be dropped.
Apparently the problem is fixed in this version.

I hope this will be fixed in v3 too (and please don't forget Nederlands translation).

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