Thumbnail view forces each iFrame even if no longer frame accurate


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Hi Dan,

I do a lot of OTA cutting and commercial/dupe removing for home use. One real pain if you want to work fast is that the frame-accurate view can be slow - and VRD is much faster when focusing on the iFrames and not the bits in-between.

Unfortunately, the compressed thumbnail views (0.1 sec, 0.5 sec, 1 sec) chop up GOPs (I'm editing TS on DVB-C, so these can be variable in length) and hence "bad" content is retained or "good" content is cut out. This means that when working fast (and moving thru the file to find interludes and commercials to delete them) the compressed view will cause you to miss parts of a GOP which really need to be cut and /or take out a chunk of the content.

Would there be a way to have an option of compressed thumbnail view - but still respecting GOPs? This would really speed up editing as any non-film content almost always starts with a new GOP.
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