The new ipod nano 5th generation video to computer and DVD to ipod?


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This iPod Transfer Software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, ipod to ipod.

well , If you are a mac user.maybe you can try to use a professional software to meet your need and you can first have a free trial .
This iPod to Mac Transfer is an excellent iPod and iPhone management tool is specially designed for Mac users. It can fast transfer, rip, copy and manage your music, videos, photos, podcasts and TV Shows between iPod/iPhone and Mac and add them to your local iTunes library.

For the second question, i think DVD Video iPod Converter can help you.It can convert any dvd video on the market now to iPod MP4/H.264 video.
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hey well i got my ipod nano 5th generation the one with the video camera.
i have heaps of videos that i have taken with it, but i dont no how to get those videos and put them in my computer. they wont show in my itunes wen i plug it in i dont get it, how do i get those videos and put them on my comp.

I also want to upload a home movie from a DVD to my PC and put it on my IPOD.

Can anyone please walk me through the steps. I have no clue what I am doing!
I don't have one, but you can look at p55 in the manual.

Looks like you need to enable it for disk usage. Your ipod will show up as a removable disk drive and you need to drive to the DCIM folder and copy the videos off to your computer.


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For the DVD home video.... If you're a registered TVSuite user you should contact phd about joining our H.264 beta. One of the new features it has is direct output to iPod formats. So you can open the video from your DVD using the File->Open title from DVD and then output it directly to iPod format.



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phd ? I'd like, as a registered TVSuite user, to have a go at this beta version. Should I just go to the TVSuite beta forum and ask there ?

Also, regarding H264/MPEG2 conversion, my recommendation would be to use the excellent & free XMediaRecode. Website in mostly in german, but the app can be used in english and it's the best one I know, with a lot of profiles for all kind of portable players.

For direct DVD to ipod, I have heard a lot about Videora, but I don't use it myself.


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phd is the userid of Pat who works for VideoRedo. You need to find one of his post (there are a lot) and then PM him to get involved in the beta.

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