The Future of Optical Disks 4k,8k...(TV/Movies),Next encode level "VVC" 30-50% better.


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Found this fascinating and sad...(I collect dvds).


I've read that dvds were at a high in 2006? selling $16 Billion...Now $2 billion.
Same as Digital HD sales now.(no disk)

So the slow death of a format. (again).
And that explains why I can buy dvds of iZombie 1,2,3 and none for 4,5 and so many other shows.

Guess on the good side I've now spent the time and money to learned how to screen capture...(no choice)...PITA.

VVC-H266 (V-V-C) is 30-50% better then HEVC-H265 for equal "preceived quality". Details to be finalized in 2020.
HEVC is common now but not yet "Plug and Play" in every device. So I'm still a X264.MP4 person.
VVC as plug&play is many,many years away. 2030s?

My only interest in 8K is the monitor panel. I still get "flashes" of a pixel pattern on my 28 inch 4K screen when I move my eyes.
Don't think that will happen with a 8K monitor.
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