Temgenc DVD Author GOP errors


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Hi All;

I first joined this forum back in Jul of 04 running a trial version of videoredo. I don't remember now but something wasn't working right and I never bought the product. I downloaded the latest version and I am impressed to say the least and am about ready to buy if I can solve this one problem.

I used Tmpgenc DVD author to do the dvd's (only program I have ever used) and I always get the "gop" error provisions that I always ignore. The result is that it plays fine on the puter but on the desktop dvd players are occasional freezes and lockups.

When I downloaded the trial version of Videoredo this time I noticed you have a quick GOP fixer upper that runs really fast. (BTW love how fast videoredo edits compared to tmpgenc----no comparison at all) Through reading I have learned that the dvd standard for gop is 18. I have edited several mpegs now and have had them saved at the GOP of 18 per the tool.

To make a long story short TMPGENC still says that the gop is too long and will result in an out of standard dvd. Is (shot in the dark) the re-encoding to 18 not working right (looks like it is in the dialog as it's processing) or is tmpgenc too picky?? I would like to register this software but the reason I first came back to look at it is because of the gop fixer upper.

I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous at this. :) Is their a better dvd authoring software that will work better with Videoredo or does anyone think that the settings for the videoredo gop encoder need to be changed to something else?? (Also like others I use the dvd patcher to fool the tmpgenc into a dvd standard and seems to work fine.)

Thanks in advance.


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I'm pretty sure you will find that the standard number of frames per GOP for DVDs is 15, not 18. Give that a go and see if TMPGEnc complains.

Another thing to do is to ensure that the MPEG video headers are set to 10Mbps in the VideoReDo output options (if the source file, for example has the bit rate set to 15Mbps even though the actual video bit rate is well below 10Mbps).


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The maximum is 18 frames for NTSC and 15 frames for PAL. You can try lowering the max gop to 15 to see if that makes a difference. Also, did VideoReDo add any video frames as part of the resync process?


I use DVD Author Pro to author pal dvds from mpegs from both my Liteon DVD recorder and my Hauppauge DVB-T receiver. I sometimes used to get the same problem with files from the DVB-T. But now I set the GOPs to 15 and usually set the bitrate to 4k, either when doing the initial 'QuickStream Fix' or a subsequent 'Save as', and DVD Author Pro accepts them with no quibbles.
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