Teletext Subtitles not displayed


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I record European TV programs using a TechniSat Digit HD8-S receiver. Playback is fine using the receiver and teletext subtitles (page 777) can be displayed. When trying to edit the .ts files on VideoReDo (6.60.10-816) however the subtitles are not displayed, despite the fact that the Program Information says that they are present. (see attachment). Is there a quick fix for this?


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VRD6 will display "Close Captions" and I think .srt text files. Otherwise I believe it is all "pass through".


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If DVB subtitles are present in a .ts file but are not displayed by VRD6, for whatever reason, I've found a simple workaround.
The .ts file can be opened in MKVToolNix. Check the relevant subtitle stream (uncheck the rest) and then demux.
The resulting .mks file can be opened in Subtitle Edit and saved as an .srt file, which in turn can be viewed on VLC with the .mp4 file as saved from VRD6.


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They should display just fine. Do you have subtitle display enabled? When playing the file you have to go to View menu and select the subtitle stream you want to display from the list at the bottom.


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In most (but not all cases) you should be able to view teletext subtitles. If you want to send us a sample we will be glad to check it out.
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