Subtitles wtv -> wtv Australia?


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I'm trying to edit existing Australian free to air recordings to trim the beginning and ends, and cut out ads.
I then save these files as wtv again but the subtitles are no longer there.

The "Preserve closed captions" option in the settings is checked.
I can't seem to locate any subtitle or closed caption information in "Show Video Program Info" either, but not quite sure what to look for?

I'm trying the above in a trial version of the latest version 5 download, after I couldn't get it to work in the previously purchased version 4.

Can anyone shed any light on this, I seem to remember reading here previously that subtitles for Australian TV were working?


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If you don't see them in Program Info then they're not getting detected. Try increasing the "MBytes to scan at file open" option in Tools->Options->Stream parameters.
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