Subtitles getting corrupted


I upgraded to I am now using Windows 7 and Windows Media Center. I am converting .wtv files to dvr-ms using the command-line utility provided with Win 7. I installed the beta because the old version of VRD Plus was very slow to navigate the dvr-ms files. However, the captions did work.

The output of the version has corrupted subtitles -- about half of the characters are garbage. The corruption can be observed in ccextractor or by playing the file with Windows Media Center. The source file's captions are fine.

I have tried Quick Stream Fix, as well as TS and DVR-MS output -- no difference.

Thanks for your help! Happy new year.



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Could you record a short 30-60 second sample and upload it to us?

Confirm that the file has the same problem before uploading.

Create a folder with a unique name and place the file in it.

Send an email to Support @ and let us know when it has been successfully uploaded.

For the email subject title, include your forum user name and a reference to this topic number: 15440
Hi Pat:

I uploaded the files yesterday and sent email as requested.

I reinstalled the old version, and the speed problem is now OK (and the captions work). I got a restricted content error on some files, but saving to .MPG instead of .TS solved that.

Let me know what you find.




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DennisH, Which old version did you restore to? I noticed that if we use VRD4 to convert from .wtv to dvr-ms the CCs are preserved just fine.
Ok, the version goving the problems, which I removed, is

I am currently using It usually has problems handling .DVR-MS -- very slow, I usually have to use quickstream fix to make a .MPG, then edit commercials out of that. I can't export to transport stream, because I get an error about copy-protected content. .MPG output works. QUESTION: When outputting to .MPG, is the output reencoded with a loss of quality?

I'm confused when you mention V4. Is there a v 4 or Redo Plus already? Or are you referring to TV Suite? I don't see any features of TV Suite on the comparison chart that I could use -- I don't care about DVD ripping or authoring. Is TV Plus a version of TV Suite that is missing some features, or is it s neglected stepchild, or just an old version of TV Suite, or what?

All I am trying to do is record something from my TV card, remove commercials and output to a format that ffmpeg can handle. Let me know what I need to do.


Hi Dan:

Version of Video Redo Plus is the version that is continuing to corrupt subtitles.

I am now using version It has problems with DVR-MS files -- usually very slow in navigating. I have to use quickstream fix to get a .mpg, then remove the commercials from that. I can't output to Transport Stream, because I get an error about copy-protected material. (source is from a n over-the-air TV card recording). QUESTION: If I output to .mpg, are the frames reencoded, losing quality?

I am confused when you mention VRD4. Is there a version 4 ov Plus already? Or are you referring to TV Suite? The comparison page doesn't list any features of TV Suite that I care about -- I am not interested in ripping or authoring DVDs. Is Plus a viable product, or is it an stepchild or old version of Suite?

All I want to do is record from my TV card, remove commercials, and burn to DVD-ROM if small enough, or process with FFMPEG if it is too big. Please tell me what I need to get to do this done.