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VideoRedo TV Suite is a great tool. I use it on my VMC machine and have been very happy with it. However, lately I am seeing a problem cropping up more and more often.

When I'm editing video files it seems that commercials are wreaking havok (causing issues such as 'Problem while seeking...'). The normal TV Show/Movie portion of the recording it fine. It seems that the majority (not all) of videos with this problem are in videos that have 'WM/WMRVContentProtected=True'. It is as if the commercials are what is protected and not the TV show. But with this sometimes happening on shows that don't show the proection flag still seeing the problem on MPG files after using VideoReDo or FFMpeg to convert them. Incidentally, the original and converted files (DVR-MS or MPG) play fine in VMC, WMP, etc.

Just for clarification, in VideoRedo browsing the file or running ad-detective yields 'Problem while seeking...'. Running QSF on one of these files is also unsuccessful. QSF starts processing the file. When it gets to the problem commercial it can't process it. After a VERY lengthy period of time it eventually times out and says QSF was successful but it wasn't.

I'm in the process of uploading a sample file to the FTP server for review. The file is very large, I'm hoping it will upload.

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Please do not upload such large files to our FTP in the future without first contacting us.


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I had considered installing the Beta version of VideoReDo. Wish I had now. Installed the beta and ran QSF on an affected DVR-MS file and on a converted MPG file. QSF was successful on both. Subsequent file activies (seek, ad-detective, etc) appear to work without issue.

As for the uploads. My apologies, I thought I was following the proper protocol as per the FAQ. Believe me, it wasn't pleasant for me either but the were the only files I had left that contained examples. I had given up and deleted the others.

Appreciate the help. I'll keep the beta version installed for now.
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