Strange audio problem


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I am using build 450. Last night I was helping my son wth a school project which required me to rip one of our dvds to my hard drive and cut sections of the movie and join them together according to character.

I processed the first and second vob files but when I loaded the third it started to play in spanish (the first two played normally in english). What is stranger is that the vob file played normally in english in both powerdvd and windvd.

I encountered the same problm with the 4th vob but the 5th and 6th were back to both playing in english.

I finally managed to get around the problem by loading both the 3rd and 4th vob files and clicking on select stream and choosing the English audio. Both were then fine.

I am at a loss as to why VRD shows the audio streams had changed order (the english stream was first in the first and second vobs, and moved to 2nd and 3rd streams in the 4th and 5th vobs).

When selecting just the individual vobs (3rd and 4th) to be played by powerdvd and windvd, both played in english yet VRD played them in spanish.

Any suggestions?



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VRD picks up the first audio stream it finds in a file as the default. When editing multiple VOBs we recommend using the combine feature so that all your VOBs are treated as one large file. That way, if you select a stream its effective for all the VOBs.


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Thanks Dan that's what I thought. Any idea why the order would have changed from one vob to another?

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