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I just took a pass at installing I think the startup wizard works fine. Upon reinstallation the wizard is executed again. Would it be possible to have one of the two following added:

- A check for previous installation. This would then notify the user that a previous installation exists and would you like to keep current settings. If yes bypass the installation wizard.
- If the wizard is to remain on startup, can it have the options to choose from initially match the current options.

Though the cancel button on the first screen will abort the wizard, it is not the obvious first choice for a previous installation.

Seperate item.

Under the options menu, file association tab, you have buttons and terms that reference "register" and "file association". While these terms are technically correct, the significance of using the buttons may be lost due to new computer users not knowing what they mean. I think that either a change in the wording or a mouse over description could be usefull here.



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Hi Karl,

You are indeed correct, we will add an option to let you bypass the setup wizard if VideoReDo is already installed. If you proceed, all previous settings will be erased, so it like a fresh install.

I don't like the whole file association dialog box at all. I'd like to re-do it, but don't know if there's time for this release needs to be out.
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